Late Sheikh Muhammad el‑Ghazali giving his Opinion:


Steady urban and economic laws inevitably govern life, whether they be known in which case they will be cautioned against ‑ or unwittingly handled, with their impact, still, spontaneously unfolding itself.


 It is social circumstances, which govern how many women an individual man should have a relation with. To overlook such social circumstances is to resist fait accompli to no avail, as the ratio of men to women can either be equal on both sides or tilting in favor of one side against the other.



 If the men‑to‑women ratio is equal or when men do outnumber women, polygamy has to spontaneously fall out of practice, with every man contenting himself with the woman coercively portioned out to him.



 If women do outnumber men, only one course of action has to be opted for out of the three following options: 



(1)   to judge that some women be deprived for life of having their sexual needs met;



(2)   to permit keeping mistresses, with adultery acknowledged as thus legitimate;



(3)   or to allow polygamy. 



A woman is widely believed even before a man ‑ to desist from either deprivation or a disobediently sinful bed. With the situation as such, she has to share another wife’s husband, from whom her would‑be children will have a lineal descent, resulting in polygamy ‑ as stipulated by Islam ‑ being inevitably acknowledged. 



Moreover, men do diverge widely in term of sexual desire: some men are so healthy, strong in erotica sentiments and leading a luxurious life while other men are not. To deal on a par with both a sexually‑rigid man from his earlier periods of adolescence and another who is so sexually energetic that he can be easily excited is a matter which widely misses the mark of justice. 



Are gluttons not allowed to have more amounts of food than allowed for people with less appetite? So, why not sexual‑wise? It is the same token working here. 



There is another wise reason for allowing polygamy: a wife may be so feeble, diseased, infertile or old‑aged that she cannot any longer satisfy her husband’s sexual needs, so why should she be so helplessly let down to be victimized by these excuses? 



Good company has to be retained by a husband, who is then fully empowered to bring in another wife, or other wives, who can fully perform a wife’s role. 



to be continued…


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