Question pertaining to polygamy in Muslim Country

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Name: Abu Muhammad   – Malaysia
Title Educating Ourselves About Shari`ah


Dear Scholar,

I have read a lot of articles, Q&A, opinions from about polygamy in Islam. No doubt polygamy is allowed in Islam as mentioned by Allah Ta’ala in Surah Al-Nisaa’ verse 3. The law of polygamy been practiced by our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), his companions and Muslims all over the world until now. In my opinion, enemies of Islam are working very hard nowadays, days and nights to eliminate this shari’ ah of Islam so that they can spread prostitution, adultery, fornication, homosexual, lesbian, and whatever you name it in Islamic countries. What I am worried too much is that this shari’ ah of Islam (polygamy) is treated as if not very important in Islam by some Muslims and many Muslims behaved as if not agreed with the shari’ ah or try not to implement it in Muslim society.
We believe that as a Muslim it is obligatory for us to accept all verses in the Qur’an whether we like it or not. My question is how to educate or sort of to make Muslims realize the importance of implementation of all Islamic shari’ ahs in ourselves, our families, and our societies? After all, not necessarily all Muslims will marry more that one woman because it is a matter of choice. Wallahu’alam.

Date: 27/Mar/2006
MuftiIOL Shari`ah Researchers

Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.
Dear questioner, thank you very much for having confidence in us, and we hope our efforts, which are purely for Allah’s Sake, meet your expectations.
Reading your question thoroughly, we share many of your views mentioned in the question regarding the Shari`ah and its real presence and application in our lives. In this regard, we would like that you make use of the following tips:

  1. It is the role of Muslim scholars in all parts of the world to educate Muslims about the wide scope of Islamic Shari`ah and to make them really realize that the Shari`ah has solutions to all our problems.
  2. Muslim individuals should exert utmost efforts to seek proper knowledge about Islam and the Shari`ah and they should be good ambassadors of their religion.
  3. It is the role of Muslim institutions especially in majority Muslim countries such as Malaysia to face such vicious campaigns against Islam by increasing their awareness campaigns about such social ills such as adultery, fornication, homosexuality and lesbianism, etc.
  4. Implementing the Shari`ah is not restricted to one aspect regarding legal punishments but it goes far to encompass all the aspects of life. This is in addition to the fact that any person with a sound intellect agrees that the Shari`ah aims at removing hardship from people and giving them solutions to their problems regardless of their places and locations.
  5.  It is our responsibility, as Muslims, to know the rules of Allah and put them into practice with sincerity. But before anything, we should ask ourselves if we are really practicing justice. Are we really fair to others, to our spouses, to our relatives, to our neighbors, employees, employers, to Muslims, to other human beings, to animals, to anything and everything? Are we really compassionate people? Are we really increasing in compassion or are we becoming angry, hateful, arrogant, or complacent about ourselves? We must improve ourselves in justice and compassion. If we do not have `adl (justice) and ihsan (compassion) or rahmah (mercy), then we are not practicing the Shari`ah. Similarly, if we think that we are following the law of Allah but the result is injustice and lack of compassion, then it means that we have not properly understood the law of Allah or we are not interpreting it right.

Finally, we think that it will be very much beneficial for you to preview the contents of the Shari`ah & Humanity Special page. In addition, we think that forwarding your future queries or even contribution to this page will be very much appreciated.

Allah Almighty knows best.

Fatwa Editor:
El-Sayed Amin


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